8th Life La Palma is rebirthing

We owe you some news after almost 2 years of silence. We’ll briefly tell you what happened during this time and what we are up to next!

Our project in La Palma has gone through difficult times since the death of our founder and leader Stefania in September 2018. It was emotionally too hard for Maja to keep living in the finca without  her mentor and friend, so the ecovillage lost its 2 hosts and all activities stopped.

The board of Gaia Tasiri found volunteers to maintain the food forest until a family was chosen to settle down and take care of the project in March 2019. Numa, Sole and Katy dedicated the first 6 months to restore the spaces into good condition, to fixing basic infrastructure and to start cultivating again (while our urban adolescent doughter keep saying everything we do is so hippie).

The project really started to move forward in February 2020 when Numa started studying his CDP with the Integral Permaculture Academy. He got further involved in the association becoming its Treasurer, and in the Academy becoming its platform administrator. This firmer ground and confluence of positive energy opened the way to reactivate 8th Life activities. The association decided to start small but strong by applying to the volunteer programme of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). Numa successfully wrote the application by May and we had planned to receive volunteers by September, but the SARS-CoV-2 global hysteria pushed the starting date further to January 2021.

The good thing is that it’s giving us more time to plan for the volunteer project and to prepare the volunteer’s arrival. There is always a lot mainteance work in the finca, plus an eco-construction project going on, the redesigning of gardens and the new chickens’ relationship with them.

Thankfully, since October we receive the precious help of Dario who’s main project is to preparing a lot of compost to give food to the soil and gardens. We also had the chance to have Karine coming to volunteer during the afternoons to prepare the garden beds and to help with the cob walls.

The plan for the beginning of 2021 is to receive 4 volunteers from the ESC program (for 2 and 6 months), to organize a Permaculture introductory course (in January) and an onsite Permaculture Design Certificate (in March). As we are starting all over again and we need to focus on getting well organized, we will not yet open the ecovillage for visitors. If you wish to participate as a volunteer, please have a look at our volunteer page.

We are very excited to embrace a new begining with this fascinating permaculture training and ecovillage project!