Action Research

What is Action-Research?

This is primarily an action-learning & action-research project, so we commit to document our designs as well as personal processes (all ideas, plans, results, successes & failures) in order for this project to serve the wider community – whether we fail or succeed in our aims.
By actively & consciously experimenting with the – tried & tested – models & tools in the Integral PC Manual, we are continually questioning them in the most strict & holistic of laboratory of all: complex real life. 
As permaculture action-research scientists we commit to – 
1) aim to hold no dogmas (unquestionable assumptions or un-founded beliefs), 
2) put all of our models to test in our own lives, individually & collectively, &
3) offer constructive & doable proposals for every doubt or criticism we have of ours or others’ work or behavior (we are not interested in academic or philosophical discussion unless they lead to useful practical experimentation)
So it is important to document our work, and each resident agrees to contribute actively & regularly to this process.



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