An April full of Flowers

April is one of the months in which flowers abound here, like clumps of wild freesias …
but particularly yellow flowers for some reason, like the mimosa trees that we sowed from seed years ago, that make gorgeous fluffy golden clouds everywhere …
The land to the right is not ours … can you tell the difference?

A Small Family …

Djamel and Valeriya were interns for a month and used their stay to practice transitioning their lives from the city to the countryside, together with their 1 year old daughter, Mercedes.
They learned to take care of the farm maintenance routines like feeding the animals, taking care of gardens and forest gardens, planting out vegetables and some basic construction skills, whilst finishing off one of the light camping domos.
These are simple shells that can be used like tents or to put tents inside for more insulation, both from cold in winter and heat in summer.
They are made almost exclusively of recycled materials: basically they are cardboard sheets sewn together over a wire frame, then covered with plastic, netting and (yet to grow…) climbing plants, so eventually they will disappear into the landscape.   The internal floor space is made of 4 pallets both for extra insulation and to prevent the soil being compressed unnecessarily.
They also helped to finish some details of the rocket stove for the hot bath.

Working and Living in Groups

At the beginning of the month, Stef prepared a presentation about living and working together, in an effort to summarise some of the essential items we talk about at more length on the iPDC course.

You can see the presentation here …

and in the talk thread in  our FB group where you can comment or participate in the discussion about these topics.

Baby Chicks

In the meantime, this fertile land keeps delighting us with an endless abundance of life!    Three of our chickens started sitting on their eggs this month, so now we’re waiting for little chooks to be born.
We finally will get to see whether our new ‘incubator part’ of our chicken coop will work well.   The mothers need to be segregated to help them get the peace and quiet (+ relative darkness) they prefer whilst incubating, and the tiny chooks, when born, need protection from predators like rats and eagles … so we have special ‘motherhood ward’ for all this which we hope will work well.

Lots of Potatoes

The potato field grows like crazy and we can’t wait for eating potato chips every day!

Sheep & Pigs

The evening walks with the sheep fill us with joy!  Watching happy animals do their thing is one of the most rewarding things about living here, and a great way to spend our time and relax with them.
Sometimes even the piggies join us …

We also got a new baby ram from a neighbour to breed with our best milking sheep when he comes of age. His name is Canelo and he’s a constant delight!

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