Mostapha in la palma


      I’m Mustafa from Morocco, I’m 27 years old, I’m currently volunteering at Finca Luna in 15 /03 /2022 to  28 /10/2022 . I’m happy to be here with my second family. I don’t feel like I’m living in another country. I enjoy my time here with friends and meet new people. I visited festivals and parties, and I also visited a number of areas and The beaches here in La Palma here the weather is beautiful and the place is calm and safe you can sleep anywhere without fear and the people here are open and simple and life here is simple and I love it.

What do we do in Finca Luna ?

After a modest experience that I lived in Morocco in the field of agriculture in general and my love for this field, I am here now from learning new things and exchanging ideas and experiences and then learning a lot of things such as teamwork and taking on some responsibilities and others. We are now in this period we planted a lot of tomatoes and some vegetables and Fruits, although we faced some difficulties and diseases that affect plants, but soon we look for the source of the problem and suggest solutions that are often successful. Taking care of plants and we did a lot of work and we learned a lot and we are still learning and we will continue to learn as long as we are in this life and I am one of the people who likes to learn everything this is crazy but for me I feel happy when learning something new and in conclusion I wish success to everyone and thank you for the Gaia tasiri Association And to Numa and his family and all the people who made me here, and I send my regards to my friends or sisters, if you will, Salma and Aniela, I love you all and welcome to the new volunteers at Finca Luna with the kind person and legs The right one in the right place. I consider him as a friend and my big brother. Thank you Numa for everything. I wish you and your family all success.

Greetings to you.

Mostapha Amgoune .

Las tricias , 5/07/2022.