What should you do on the farm?

If you live on the farm, you are more comfortable. If you respect everything here, I will talk in detail about this from every aspect.

First we talk about respect:
You have to respect every creature here and also nature is the most important element. Let’s go folks. Don’t make noise at night after 23:00. Cooking in the kitchen stops at 22:30. Do not take a shower after 11 pm in order not to disturb others and to receive respect. Do not be provoked by your actions and wait for respect, as this is not found in any dictionary in the world. Let’s not forget about hygiene because it is important to our life

Second work:
I respect your 6 hours of work per day. Sometimes you work more than hours per day if necessary, but this can be compensated for on another day. The important thing is not to exceed 35 hours per week.

Also, sometimes you go to help other people and this is a very good thing because it is a humanitarian work and it is thanks to you.

I want to say one last thing about volunteering. Volunteering is not for money. It is a wonderful experience that teaches us patience, respect and humanity.

My two month in la Finca

For life in Finca Luna : 

It’s been two and a half months since I came here and the place is better now, I think because we have new neighbors and we are starting to make friends. Numa and his family will not make you feel that you are alone, they will always gather and be by your side. I don’t like to spend Eid alone, but it is happy to meet your second family to celebrate with you and rejoice at your joy.

Far from the farm now, I find that living in Santa Cruz de La Palma is fun not as doomed to be boring, there are concerts in the summer. Places to visit and enjoy the beautiful views of the city and do not forget the sea in Tazacorte.

For work in Finca Luna :

Work on the farm as any farm sometimes work is hard and sometimes work is fun and sometimes boring, but more importantly, at your end to see how much work you’re proud of yourself do not know how we will get to the stage of the development of the farm, but now we have a lot of vegetables and fruits on the farm. The most important thing on the farm is that nothing is impossible “think and do”. We do not say it is impossible, we must bring ideas only. 

For education in Finca Luna :

Learning on the farm is a fun thing because you learn and apply at the same time and most importantly, you will not only learn about farming, you will learn about building your character and changing things that you did not like about yourself and the most important thing is that you give yourself time to learn.


A whole month in Finca Luna

We are here for one month Mostapha, Aniela and me.  We learned a lot in this month, we learned to respect each other and be kind, and on the other hand we learned some new words in Spanish. Within a month we did a good job. We planted potatoes, prepared some grounds for planting, picked grass, and started planting tomatoes today. I think by talking about it is easy but when you are here you will see how difficult it is to produce vegetables and fruits. We learned patience and with Noma we learned to feel more responsible, and to care more about farming. During the workshops, we learned how to make soap, and we also played in clay, which I liked very much, and picking grass with a machine. And other daily chores are as easy as watering and taking care of chickens. 


My week in Finca Luna

When I saw the place here for the first time, I said that it is very difficult to live here. I do not know the language well and I do not know how to get along quickly, but the second day made me love the place when you wake up completely calm and hear the chirping of birds and the crowing of chickens. He made me fall in love with the place quickly and Numa’s dealings with us made us settle down quickly. Live in las tricias is a dream, I love here and I love my life here, is a different experience for me. Thanks Numa for give me this chance.

In the first week there was not much work, but in the second week I formed a team with Aniela and Mostapha, which made us adapt quickly. She was instructed to clean the place of chickens “Gallinas” , feed them every morning, and take eggs at 12 pm. And we collected about 20 kg of potatoes, as well as onions.

We collect wood and store it as you know today how to amend water for agriculture, and purify the land from useless weeds. Looking forward to next week