About 8th Life La Palma

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The Project

“8thLife” in La Palma is currently in a transition process from being a permaculture farm to becoming a small Ecovillage.
The vision is to repopulate a traditional rural hamlet and to make it a fertile and sustainable human settlement full of biodiversity.
The project, first named “Finca Luna” was founded in 2006 when Stella bought a 0,5ha land to make it a permaculture action-learning farm. In 2013, she developed further the 8th Life vision to transform it into an ecovillage. Soon, investors and residents joined the project, but buidling a community is a complex process marked by both joys and conflicts. Eventually, after a re-design of the project in 2018, Stella passed away and the few inhabitants of the farm left.
The board members of the Gaia Tasiri Association (to which 8th Life belongs to) decided to go on with the project and to honour Stella’s vision, and in 2019, Numa and his family settled to take care for the farm and to reactivate the project. In 2021, Finca Luna re-started to host volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps and to offer workshops to the local community. Bit by bit, the original ecovillage vision is refloating in our minds and we will soon publish a call for other families with rural skills to come settle and build a sustainable human settlement full of biodiversity.


We are in the North of the Island of La Palma, a biosphere reserve and one of the smallest & the greenest of the Canary Islands, known as La Isla Bonita for its great natural beauty & dramatic landscapes, still with most of its primary ecosystems intact & a population that’s quite connected to the land.

The land is part of a typical traditional agricultural settlement which suffered from rural de-population (as people increasingly moved to cities), which we are slowly bringing back to life & toward full production (for all life, not just humans!).
We now have 2 of the 5 farms it was divided into, and 4 resident members.
We are nearby a small village with cafe-bar, small food-shop, town-square and the bus-stop is at 2 min walk from the farm.  There’s a small town nearby (45 mins walk) with all sorts of shops & a farmers’ market every weekend.
At our altitude, the climate is different than what we think of the Canary Islands. Summer is hot (up to 40 celsius degrees), and dry while winter is usually rainy, cold (between 5-15 celsius degrees) and humid (which makes even northern europeans to feel cold)!
In Spring you can enjoy sunny days with mild temperatures and flowers all over the place, especially almond blossoms, that cover everything around us.
There’s some fresh produce all-year round in the farm (fruits & vegetables, varying with the seasons), and you can harvest some of it during your internship, but expect it to be a supplement to your diet and not your main source of food (you can go shopping for whatever you need in the nearby town and farmers’ market).