New Year, New Web

We’re finally modernizing our 8thLife web pages!

During January 2018 please use our old webs:

the original complete english site

puedes ver la web en español aquí

and  the beautiful 8thLife Panama web (which inspired us to update and re-design them all together with the great look that their volunteer IT people, Angie, Martina & Joseph had set up a few months previously).

How did this happen?

Thanks to a GREAT team of professional IT people who came forward during December, when Maja had the idea (inspired by our Panama colleagues) of asking in our Volunteer FB group if there were any IT people there who could help.  You can see that post here.

We were totally delighted by the response, as three enthusiastic people came forward, who were not only IT experts but also already fans of the project: totally ideal!   So we created the 8thLife IT group and got busy organizing how to make this vision-map happen:

Important since now we have TWO ecovillage projects (Canarias & Panama) who share the same 8thLife Vision, Mission and Integral PermaCulture design methods … all of which are connected to the GaiaTasiri Association and the Integral PermaCulture Academy.     So we needed a simpler, easier way to present the whole project and its parts.  Hopefully it will all make a lot more sense soon even to newcomers to this amazingly fertile synergy of people and projects.

THANKYOU so much Sebastian (in Brazil, project-managing & templates/installation), Christian (in Germany, setting up our super-snazzy new hostel bookings pages) and Simone (in Tenerife, working on content and structure) for working so well together with Stef (Coordinator Canarias), Maja (Administrator Canarias) & Rebecca (Coordinator Panama).   It’s such a buzz to work with professionals dotted all over the globe like this 🙂

We got our main web template up on 6th January 2018, very appropriately just in times for “Reyes” day, which is when gifts are traditionally shared in Spain & other countries.

We will be adding content and tweaking the site for a while, whilst still linking to the old webs: see above.

So we’ll be under construction for a while – thanks for your patience – and please DO give us your comments & suggestions here in our FB group or below, as you prefer.

Happy New Year!