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From July 2018 we will run new internship programmes that will include 2-months on-site iPDC, 4-months Basic Internship, Advanced Internships and Teacher Training Programmes.

Integral Permaculture Design Certificate  on-site

To start on any internship in 8thLife, you need to have done one of the 2-months iPDCs on-site. 

You can read information about the internships and how to enroll in this leaflet :

After iPDC, you can stay with us for any number of months to work some practical designs and study in more depth any aspect on Integral Permaculture.

But, to start on the Diploma in Applied Permaculture, we recommend:

Basic Internship


It lasts 4 months, including the 2-months iPDC course,

or if you have done an iPDC before, you can use all 4 months as a Teacher Training Programme and mentor new students during the course that will be taking place on-site.


Advanced Internship

It lasts 5 to 12 months, includin the 2-months iPDC course.

It is designed around your individual needs and wishes and can cover any of these foci:


  • land stewardship
  • forest garden design
  • animabl husbandry
  • eco-building
  • facilitation
  • project management
  • teaching
  • and more…

Typical Programme

These Internships are flexible and varied (adapted to individual needs), but typical 12 months cycle would include this kind of step by step build up through various phases from more basic to advanced (the numbers indicate months) :

  1. Physical Resilience and Integral Health basics (sustainable environments require sustainable humans)
  2. Familiarization with all Farm Routines (taking care of gardens, forest gardens, nursery, sheep, pigs and chickens care, basic building)
  3. First part of iPDC (Introduction to Permaculture) – mornings working on the farm, afternoon with classes
  4. Second part of iPDC (Introduction to Integral Permaculture, standard PDC)
  5. Do own designs + Faciliation basics (mentoring new students)
  6. Do own designs + Faciliation basics (mentoring new students)
  7. Leadership Development (Advanced Facilitation 1), mentoring and some teaching
  8. Leadership Development (Advanced Facilitation 2), mentoring and some teaching
  9. Leadership Development (Advanced Facilitation 3), mentoring and teaching on-site and online
  10. Choose and start on additional designs, part 1 Diploma
  11. Continue and develop additional designs, part 2 Diploma
  12. Continue and develop additional designs, part 3 Diploma Presentations


By the end of 12 month you will be qualified to be a Mentor and Tutor with the Integral Permaculture Academy, both online and on-site in your own project if you have one, and wish to add it to the EcoEscuela Network.

And have experience and proven design work up to Diploma level in Applied Permaculture, or be well on the way.


Here you can see the timeline of courses and internships. You can arrive at:

  • month 1 of each cycle (for EVS)
  • month 3 of each cycle (for iPDC)
  • month 5 of each cycle (for Advanced Internship, if you have done PDC before)

To see it in more details, go to this spreadsheet (



You can fill in this application form to enroll on this course. Please select ‘otro / other’ for type of course and add “On Site iPDC May 2018” as a description. The cost is 800€.

If you want to discuss the possibility of a bursary please say so on the application form, giving as much detail about you situation as you can, including why you need a bursary and what you intend to do with the course, once ended, and include a skype or wasapp contact + times you are available for an interview.