What should you do on the farm?

If you live on the farm, you are more comfortable. If you respect everything here, I will talk in detail about this from every aspect.

First we talk about respect:
You have to respect every creature here and also nature is the most important element. Let’s go folks. Don’t make noise at night after 23:00. Cooking in the kitchen stops at 22:30. Do not take a shower after 11 pm in order not to disturb others and to receive respect. Do not be provoked by your actions and wait for respect, as this is not found in any dictionary in the world. Let’s not forget about hygiene because it is important to our life

Second work:
I respect your 6 hours of work per day. Sometimes you work more than hours per day if necessary, but this can be compensated for on another day. The important thing is not to exceed 35 hours per week.

Also, sometimes you go to help other people and this is a very good thing because it is a humanitarian work and it is thanks to you.

I want to say one last thing about volunteering. Volunteering is not for money. It is a wonderful experience that teaches us patience, respect and humanity.