Jan’s last two months on finca Luna


I am so glad that I could spend time at finca Luna. Numa has introduced me to the concept of Permaculture and his plans for the future growth. I learned and get so much from the man who really loves his interest in this concept. I think that there is no better way how to gain the permaculture knowledge than to work with people who are already applying the principles in reality. But it wasn’t only me who learned something new. All of us learned and shared so many things between each other there. I was very pleased to help Numa because I believe he is doing very right thing. 

What we have achieved?

Working on the farm was very fun and friendly going. I stayed there for almost five amazing months. We did a lot of work during the last two months of my stay. We finished collecting almonds and we sowed potatoes and onions in Vesta garden and alfa alfa in Abora garden. We repaired the irrigation tubes and cleaned Flora garden and sowed carrots and beans there. Besides we were rebuilding a lot. We repaired the roof of Vivero and finished the Domo ground which we made out of clay. We wait around two weeks till it got dry. It has shown some big cracks so I filled it with the same mix. The ground looks very nice for such a simple mixture of clay which we gathered by ourself and sand. We built a windbreak out of cardboard in the chicken house and a fence to deny chickens access to the gardens. There was one chicken called Abraham who knew how to get outside of the fence. It was very bothering for us but on the other hand he shown us some weaknesses of our construction. We couldn’t let them outside to destroy our gardens again hence we had to improve the fence. The next big task was Ambra. Ambra is a small house with square shabby walls and flat roof. We put a new layer of concrete on the roof and covered the walls with lime. Some small repairs were done in library as well. There I sealed some holes against the rats and one hole in the roof where the water was leaking when it was raining. The last thing was a terrace where we strengthened the slope using old tires and built nice stone floor.