My week in Finca Luna

When I saw the place here for the first time, I said that it is very difficult to live here. I do not know the language well and I do not know how to get along quickly, but the second day made me love the place when you wake up completely calm and hear the chirping of birds and the crowing of chickens. He made me fall in love with the place quickly and Numa’s dealings with us made us settle down quickly. Live in las tricias is a dream, I love here and I love my life here, is a different experience for me. Thanks Numa for give me this chance.

In the first week there was not much work, but in the second week I formed a team with Aniela and Mostapha, which made us adapt quickly. She was instructed to clean the place of chickens “Gallinas” , feed them every morning, and take eggs at 12 pm. And we collected about 20 kg of potatoes, as well as onions.

We collect wood and store it as you know today how to amend water for agriculture, and purify the land from useless weeds. Looking forward to next week