Rebecca Reiber

Who am I? Who’s behind all of this? Fair question.

My name is Rebecca Reiber, I’m the founder the 8th Life Panama Initiative. I am also the manager of the project, eco-entrepreneur, community development and team-building expert, student of Permaculture Design, with a master’s degree in Sustainable Develoment and Social Action Training, postgraduate studies in socio-cultural anthropology, diploma in Cooperative Management, and over 25 years of experience forming and training diverse, multicultural teams.

I manage this project and am currently recruiting the team of VISIONARY CO-FOUNDERS as I continue working as a consultant in sustainable development and as owner of Villa Astoria Guest House.

A bit more about me :

I was born in 1965, i’m a US citizen, and from a young age I became interested in getting to know other cultures, learn different languages, and in finding a way to live ‘on purpose’ always seeking something better – because there just had to be – the world as we know it simply couldn’t be the best effort of the human race on this planet earth.

I am a visionary businesswoman; my education includes international business, sustainable community development, and applied anthropology.

I worked in ‘corporate America’ doing international sales for 12 years, quit to run my own consulting firm for 5 years. I formed a company providing consulting services in personal leadership and worked with many NGOs in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, after leaving my career in international business. As a consultant and personal change facilitator I began to work with international NGOs which led me to Panama, which I’ve been caling home since 2005.

I transitioned into community development and began working on ideas for sustainable living. Then I got a MA in sustainable community development and have been working towards kicking-off this Eco Community design for around a decade. In Panama I have facilitated change processes with rural municipalities, indigenous groups, and cooperatives.