Our Vision

Together with all other permaculture designers
we dream and work towards a sustainable planet
(just, fertile, thriving, vital and diverse)
in which humans live in harmony
with all other species.

Our Mission

We believe that stopping the destruction,
working to build the soil, restore ecosystems,
heal our addictions, change organizational structures of the global economy,
and learn to live in a community starting locally…
are the most important and urgent jobs to do NOW.

Our Values

1) Integrity
2) Pass on our Wisdom, not our Grief
3) Take risks
4) Question our Models
5) Gratitude and Appreciation

An Action-Research Project

8thLife is an action-research project that aims to answer the questions:
How do we build healthy, thriving and sustainable communities?

Which we’ve already found out begs many other questions like:
What do we need to learn and do in order to liberate civilized humans from destructo-patterns?

In many ways our journey so far has been to test on the groun the contents of www.PermaCultureScience.org,
the Integral PermaCulture Designers Manual, which we also contribute to, in turn.

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How to Join Us

We're co-creating two ecovillage projects: in La Palma, Canary Islands, and in Antón, Panamá.

So we are looking for investors and visionaries; people with an entrepreneurial spirit who believe, like we do,
that it's time to transition from a destructive society to a sustainable world,
** and are prepared to make the many personal transformations and (sometimes) sacrifices required **
in order to enjoy the wonderful adventure of working together closely towards our vision,
in these inspiring times of Change.

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